New Law: Maximum Nicotine Concentration of 20mg for all Vaping Products

The overlords have spoken.

The Canadian federal government is establishing a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml for all vaping products sold in the Canadian market.

This means that customers will not be able to buy JUUL pods, STLTH pods, VUSE pods, nicotine salt juices or disposable vapes that have a nicotine level higher than 20mg or 2% by weight.

The law is expected to be enforced as of July 23rd, 2021.


What are you to do?  First, DON’T PANIC!  🙂

If you currently vape strengths higher than 20mg/ml, we suggest that you:

  1. STOCK UP!  STOCK UP!  STOCK UP! >> On your usual pods (STLTH, VUSE, JUUL), nicotine salt juices and disposables in 5% and 6%, and also consider adding some lower nicotine strengths to your collection so that you can begin to adjust to the lower concentrations.

  2. TRY FREEBASE NICOTINE JUICES >> In strengths higher than 6mg – 12mg, 18mg – in a refillable vape starter kit device, ideally one that lets you vape at higher wattages so that you can maximize the flavour and throat hit.

Fear not, VAPEVINE is here to guide you through your transition and we will make sure you sail through this change without switching back to combustible smokes.  We’ve got your back.


18 replies on “New Law: Maximum Nicotine Concentration of 20mg for all Vaping Products

  • Ryan Toomey

    Hey there will I still be able to get vuse pods in the 1.6 once this law is passed or will they be gone all together? Thanks

    • VapeVine Staff

      Not so fast! There will be other options including hybrid nicotine where the nic strength say 2% but it will “feel” like higher in terms of throat hit with the freebase nicotine. Also, you are still “supporting” government if you go back to tobacco, as they collect billions in taxes from them.

  • matt

    its true the worst thing we can do is give into the bans because that is what they want, health canada even let slip rather with blatant joy that the prime minister can expect a huge percentage increase in people buying government sponsered cigerettes again which will make the tobacco companies and politicians who get kick backs from all the corrupt side deals rich again, and what better way to spread propaganda by using “The kids are dying in the streets!” this is just one of many tactics that have come gift wraped with covid, once the ridiculous gun bans it was only a matter of time,p, before they started going after our rights….how can they even not illegally ban flavoring its like only allowing tobacco flavored icecream it makes no sense…kids still buy booze and smokes and do hard drugs like heroin…this has nothing to do with any kid and everything to do with Trudeau the pedo becoming king making himself and his friends rich. And also control, like the new streaming and social media bans where they are “regulating patriotic canadian shows” and “abolishing online hate speach and fake news” What they really mean is we will tell you what to watch and block anything that isni based on the Chinese and Nazism propaganda models while “hate speech and misinformation” just means if you disagree with any authorities and say things about them that shed light on corruption or bring on healthy debate and knowledge sharing….or the dreaded petitions for human rights violations that are never listened to anyway, and good luck accessing vpns they will start fining and jailing people for any form of disention all to raise taxes on use, attempt to regulate internet like some third world dictatorship…The vape ban is only a part of the bigger plan and if this sounds too conspiracy theory people were warning about this stuff early on in covid…the virus that turns out was lab made and deliberately released…hmmm i wonder why. And if we need any convincing these are totalitarian government crafted rights violations and lies just remember after 70 years several months ago they admitted UFOs were real and not man made. But people accept the dumbest excuses and Karen’s think Trudeau is dreamy, he is also friends with known convicted pedos and that usually only means one thing. So smokem if u got em, but i am stocking up until this criminal government gets overthrown or these awesome shop keepers find inventive ways to provide people with options that skirt nazism snd draconian rights violations. Just because some criminal politicians tell you something is a law doesnt make it so. Fuck em. try and stop us.

  • Chris Murphy

    How can you make 20mg work for me ? I quit smoking after 25 years because of vuse epods and i love my flavours so what happens when they take those away ? Im all ears on helping me max out my nicotine hit with 20mgs but there is no way im fucking vaping tobacco and menthol and didnt they ban menthol cigarettes wtf? I fucking hate this trudeau goof I can’t wait until hes gone this is some serious bullshit. I stocked up on about two months worth of 50mg pods but 20 is a big drop. I have a Smok nord i believe its called that i bought a long time ago and a half a vile of flavored nic salt so what is the way i can feel the throat hit of the 50mgs by using 20mgs ? Do i need to vape with something other then vuse for that hard hitting feeling? Please let me no im not to knowledgeable with vaping products i found what i liked right away and couldn’t believe it got me to stop smoking my beloved belmonts which now taste like shit i cant even go back to smokes because i cant stand the taste and smell and price! So whats the way to maximize 20 mgs nicotine? Im down to try

    • VapeVine Staff

      They will be making new kinds of 20mg juices that are essentially hybrids of nic salt and freebase nicotine. The nic salt will be 20mg/ml max, but this is the component that will provide the immediate brain hit, while the freebase nicotine can be as high as 12mg in the same bottle, and that will provide for the throat hit, as well as, give the user a more stable nicotine level in your bloodstream so that they are fewer cravings and less roller coasters. As for flavours, they have not been banned – YET. The talk is that this could happen within 6-9 months. However, they cannot ban food flavourings in general, and that’s all these nicotine juices are using. So, we expect that if there is a “ban”, there will be ways to work around it.

  • sandraanddon

    What is the fine line on the 23rd . If I place an order on the 22nd . You probably wont be able to ship prior to the 23rd ( or esp. if you dont have stock ) . Would you still be able to fill my order ?


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