What are Bold 35 and Bold 50 pods and juices?

Weren’t the 30mg and 50mg nicotine salts banned?

In response to the recent Canada-wide nicotine ban, where the Canadian federal government established a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml (2%) for all vaping products sold in the Canadian market, vape pod and juice manufacturers have developed a creative way to mimic the feeling of higher nicotine without altering the salt-nicotine concentration.  One of leaders in this movement is STLTH, with their newest pod releases called STLTH Bold 35 and Bold 50.

STLTH Bold 35 & Bold 50

What is STLTH Bold 35 and Bold 50? How much nicotine is in them?

How much nicotine is in Bold 35 and Bold 50?

While the names may imply a higher nicotine concentration, the truth is that both Bold 35 and Bold 50 are still only 20mg/ml or 2% nicotine by weight.

However, they are unique hybrid nicotine blends – made with BOTH salt nicotine and freebase nicotine – that have been specially formulated to provide a harsher, more peppery throat hit similar to higher nicotine juices while still remaining within the federally mandated 20mg/ml nicotine cap.

So, if you are concerned about lowering your nicotine level and worried that you may be tempted to switch back to tobacco, considering trying these new hybrid blends.  While this isn’t medical advice, over the years we have observed that, since freebase nicotine tends to stay in your system longer than nicotine salts, you may actually experience less cravings with the addition of freebase nicotine, as it tends to provide a more consistent, stable level of nicotine for the user.

Here are GHOST MAX Disposables in Bold 50 and GHOST XL Disposable Vapes in Bold 50

Here are some of the STLTH Pod Flavours in Canada currently offered in BOLD 35 and BOLD 50:


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