What are the best reviewed Vape Pod Systems for 2019

Vape pods continue to increase in popularity in 2019 for a few reasons: 1. they are compact and super-convenient, 2. they can be recharged easily, and 3. they can handle the newer high percentage nicotine liquids (aka nic salts).

Here we take a look at some of the best reviewed pod systems (available in Canada) of 2019. Depending on the way that you take your nicotine, one of these systems will likely give you the experience that you are looking for.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

If you are a fan of the seminal Nautilus BVC Coil Family, then you will love the upgrades that come with the Aspire Nautilus AIO. This convenient and fully portable pod kit gives you all in one functionality with adjustable control over your airflow. You get 1000mAh of charge with a maximum juice capacity of 4.5 mL.

The Aspire combines the best features of the Spryte and the Breeze 2 for an experience that is both modular and ergonomic. Its convenient size belies its 4.5 mL capacity – you can easily carry the Aspire in a backpack side pocket, and a simple movement of the silicone plug gives you all the eJuice that you need.

The Nautilus coils give you an incredibly strong concentration of your chosen flavor within fully discreet clouds. The coil is also created specifically to handle high nicotine salt concoctions. You also get to indulge your preference for direct lung vaping or mouth to lung airflow with the adjustable airflow.

What is the real advantage of the Nautilus AIO? You get the great coils that give you top notch vapor production and flavor – this has always been a trademark of Aspire. The Nautilus AIO lives up to that reputation. You also get an incredibly fun experience that is compatible with other Nautilus coils.

Aspire Breeze 2

The Breeze 2 offers a portable upgrade to the original Aspire Breeze. You get dual activation and a longer battery life along with 3 mL of juice capacity. The first thing that most vapers notice is the unique, streamlined look of the Breeze 2 – aluminum alloy with satin. The tank has a PEPG section for an extra level of durability.

The convenient filling allows any vaper to use the Breeze 2 easily throughout the day. You can operate it through a direct voltage standard button, and the U-Tech coil (1.0 ohm) that is introduced with the 2 model gives you a mechanism that is created specifically for nicotine salts and traditional nicotine eLiquid.

You can indulge a number of vape styles with the intricate architecture that the Breeze 2 gives you. You also get replaceable pods with an easy from-the-bottom fill to keep leakage to a minimum. Overall, this is a compact but very powerful choice for sophisticated vapers who are on the run. However, it is also easy enough for beginners to use without worrying about breaking the mechanism or losing precious vaping resources from trial and error.

The charge time on the Breeze can seem long to some more advanced vapors, and mouthpiece removal has a relatively high learning curve. On the upside, you get a consistently dense hit that is warm on the uptake, no leaking and fast wicking. As an added incentive, the included dust cap makes this the vape kit to use for adventures in valleys that you know will have a lot of wind going on.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop Rainbow Canada
Suorin Drop (Rainbow Metallic)

The unique “droplet design” of the Suorin Drop is only the first layer of unique and interesting features this vaping system has to offer. The refillable cartridge pads are incredibly flexible, and vapers get a long lasting, powerful 310 mAh battery for all day use.

The battery needs to be powerful for the Suorin Drop, because it is the basis for powerful and convenient draw activated fire. You also get an LED indicator for your battery so that you can see exactly when you need to recharge. The two piece connection of the Drop comes with a replaceable cartridge (2 mL max) that you can use with traditional eLiquids or nicotine salts. Last but not least, the color selection for the Drop makes it a cute accessory that is sure to turn heads and serve as a conversation starter.

There are a few problems with the Drop – you can get misfires sometimes, and you will deal with a split second delay that is annoying at times. Some reviewers have noted that the pods can become insecure inside of the battery, and the two chambers in each pod do not have a similar rate of depletion. Fortunately, none of these issues will concern you if your main reason for vaping is the flavor – this comes through loud a clear on a consistent basis.

Suorin Vagon

Suorin Vagon Kit Canada
Suorin Vagon

The futuristic looking Suorin Vagon brings you a powerful vaping experience with a 430 mAh battery and 2 mL max pods. It is a bit larger than the Suorin Drop, but still highly flexible and portable.

Although you get a bit more size, range and vaping power with the Vagon, the ergonomics are still optimized for maximum portability. The curved, elegant chassis allows you to carry the Vagon anywhere, especially when you make use of the included holster clip. The Vagon gives you the same draw activated fire as the Drop along with the LED light for your 430 mAh battery. You also get the two piece structure and the cartridge that can handle traditional free based liquids or nicotine salt.

You will need to replace your pods more quickly than with other vapes once you start to get a little burn or difference in the taste. Pods are less expensive with the Vagon, so this tends to even out. The wattage output is also relatively small for a 430 mAh battery, so you may not get a high feel of nicotine salt if that is what you are looking for. However, if you want longevity, the Vagon is something that you can count on.

Renova ZERO

Renova ZERO Pod Kit Canada
Vaporesso Renova ZERO Pod System

For the ultimate in power, come to the Renova ZERO. You get a 650 mAh battery that powers your refillable pod and OMNI Board Mini alongside a great look and feel.

The smooth and strong zinc alloy that forms the architecture of the Renova ZERO provides you ergonomic grooves for simplified handling that will entice beginners. Underneath the surface, the OMNI Board Mini gives vapers a bevy of controls, including multiple security features and automatic control of the temperature. The kit comes with a CCELL coil that maximizes your experience with ceramic heating for a longer lasting vape. The refill method is press to fill, which is a great choice for beginning vapers.

The Renova ZERO is meant for people who are looking for high nicotine or nicotine salt content, but it protects beginners from overindulging. You get pass through protection, no load protection, low resistance protection, overcharge protection and ESD circuit protection for a great experience no matter how long you have been indulging.

This is easily one of the best products for beginners who want to avoid the downside of bad form like dry and burnt hits. You get the protection that you are looking for, with a slight disadvantage of more limited and slightly less powerful flavors.


SMOK NOVO Open Pod System Canada
SMOK Novo Pod System

The NOVO definitely stands out wherever you use it. Cobra panels make this Smok product a visual force to be reckoned with. However, the true advantage of the Smok NOVO is its durable, reliable and rechargeable 450 mAh battery, 2 mL refill pods and high functioning vape. You can charge your NOVO using the included microUSB port, and you always get a great range of wattage (10 to 16W) that you can activate with a draw inhale.

The Smok NOVO was designed for the luxury vaper in mind. Starting with the cobra panels on top and moving into the durable and accessible draw activation, the NOVO has a balance of portability and power that will appeal to vapers who are looking for a great experience and strong flavor.

The design of the NOVO refillable pod is all about convenience and accessibility. You can use the entire 2 mL of your pod for nicotine salt if you please. The pod also features a curved mouthpiece for easier utility. The airflow system is an air drive with an horizontal coil atomizer core that is fused into the pod with a proprietary enclosed cotton. This setup gives you the best vape production with optimized flavor that you can taste every time. You also get cut off protection, short circuit protection and low voltage warnings to help you maintain the durability of your NOVO and the consistency of your vape.

The NOVO does not have any protection for its air hole, unlike many systems that incorporate a protective membrane. This means slight condensation in the battery over time, which may reduce power and consistency after a few weeks or months. Fortunately, this slight error does not seem to lead to leakage even though you can see the cotton and the coil in the pod if you turn the system over to look at the pod from the bottom.


The STLTH is one of the newer entries into the pod vaping market, but it remains one of the best reviewed across the board. At its core, the STLTH’s ​sleek but simple styling combines a magnetic ceramic coil at the base of a fully enclosed system. This means that the pods are not refillable, but it makes up for this with its performance.

The great things about the STLTH are its adequate 350 mAh battery, expansive 2 mL pods and microUSB charger. Its easy setup makes it one of the simplest pod based vaping kits to use, especially for beginners. Although these specs may seem to fall a bit short compared to some of the more famous sub-ohm mods, all indicators point to the experience with the STLTH as top notch.

First of all, you get an extremely high nicotine salt content from vaping with the STLTH – one that belies the supposedly paltry feature set. Most reviewers have stated that they do not have to vape nearly as often when using the STLTH as they initially thought. The power of the vape is even more impressive when you realize that it is much smaller and more compact that many of its competitors.

The extremely tight architecture of the STLTH also helps to ensure that you never have to worry about any spillage, regardless of how you are carrying it. You can even forget to lock it – no worries. The hidden strength of the system helps to make up for the fact that the pods are not refillable. Some vapers actually may end up spending less than with a refillable system, especially when the relatively low cost of the kit itself is considered in the equation.


Juul Canadian
JUUL Starter Kit

The other “big deal” closed pod vape of 2019 is Juul. When it comes to closed systems, the manufacturer has to be sure that the options within the system are attractive and provide enough variance for vapers to enjoy. Juul accomplishes this and provides a streamlined closed system that appeals to beginners and people who just don’t want to worry about the details.

Juul has more than enough features for an advanced vaper, however. The true strength is in the consistency and tightness of the draw – many reviewers have commented how close it is to the draw of a traditional cigarette. You also get an automated control system for your temperature – no dry hits here. Juul is also made to mimic the sizing of a traditional cigarette, which helps with familiarity. It is light and comfortable (2 g weight) along with being comforting.

You can hold a Juul in the same way that you hold your traditional cigs. The Juul is advertised as giving you more than 200 puffs per tank, and you can easily measure your battery power with the LED battery light. The design is single piece, so you never feel any seams. Charging is a breeze, because you do not have to separate any part of your Juul in order to put it in the dock. Most importantly, you get a super tight pull and a great hit with every use. Reviewers note the consistently of the buzz even with low nic juices. This means a pod from the Juul can last much longer than its competition, which makes up for the lack of refillable pods. The life on the battery is also relatively long, which saves you time and money.

Choosing between such a great selection of vape pods can be difficult, but you really can’t lose with this elite group. You may want to consider more than one until you settle into the brand that will give you the most holistic and consistent experience. The fun is in the journey, and a great time lies ahead for you no matter which product you choose!



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