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PAX ERA – Concentrate Vaporizer Pen

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PAX ERA – Device Only (Canada)

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VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “PAX’s first ever concentrate vaporizer is more convenient than a dab rig and is smaller than a dab pen.  The PAX ERA is a perfect portable device for delicious silky flavor and vapor production.  Featuring battery life for your entire day and a convenience factor that is absolutely off the charts, you can Hoot in confidence with this sleek little beauty.”

100% Guaranteed Authentic PAX ERA Device from the makers of the famous PAX 3 VaporizerThe PAX ERA is an astoundingly tiny device 3.3″ h x .72″w x .40″d with a durable and light weight bead blasted anodized aluminum housing.  Powered by a 240MAH built in battery, the PAX ERA is rated for an astounding 200 puffs and charges via micro USB in 45 minutes or less.

No taller than a credit card, the PAX ERA is jammed with features.  Its automatic draw sensor delivers an instant ramp up to 8W and moderates the temperature based on your selection of 4 heat pre-settings. 

PAX ERA Bluetooth App


Crave even more customization?  Shake your PAX ERA to pair it with your PAX Bluetooth app to hone in on your perfect vaping temperature.  The PAX ERA uses an ingenious puff odometer which tracks the amount of puffs you take over the course of a half hour so that you can make sure your friends aren’t sneaking drags while you leave your brand new PAX ERA unattended.

With a variable color display, built-in PAX games and a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty, the PAX ERA is an absolute powerhouse.

The PAX ERA uses 0.5 Gram symmetrically shaped pre filled pods which integrate a super fast heating nichrome element, gold plated brass contacts and a double ended fast absorbing silica wick inside of a food grade plastic housing.  You will be able to easily change pods with zero flavor-crossover and very little odor so that you can enjoy vaping your favorite strains back to back discretely and without any hassle.

At the moment there are multiple types of extracts available for the PAX ERA ranging from distillates to live resins with new strains and processes being introduced to the portfolio every day. This ingenious proprietary pod design uses a cotton batten to catch condensation build-up effectively making your PAX ERA a zero maintenance device,

Authentic PAX ERA PODS are also VITAMIN E Acetate-Free, with propylene glycol as a thinning agent to create a consistent and smooth hit every time you take a puff.

This 100% PAX ERA Starter Kit includes:

1X – PAX ERA Device
1X – USB Charging Cable
1X – Instruction Manual
1X – Pax Life Sticker
1X – 1-Year Limited Warranty Card

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100% Guaranteed Authentic PAX ERA Extract Vaporizer
Canadian Product Specifications:

Dimensions:  1.8cm (Width) x 8.3cm (Height) x 1cm (Depth)
Battery: 240 Mah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Charging Time: 45 minutes

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Cannabis Type

Concentrates (Wax, Distillates, Shatter)

2 reviews for PAX ERA – Concentrate Vaporizer Pen

  1. Donny

    This PAX Era is a truly impressive device for distillates and concentrates. I purchased some Pax Era Pods / Cartridges at the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) and put them in this device and I’m blown away by just how good this system works. Smooth draw, intense vapor. Just a few puff goes a long way! You can only buy PAX ERA Cartridges at the OCS right now from RIFF and SOLEI. I tried these Sativa dominant ones and was happy with it. Pax Era Cartridges

  2. Donny

    Pax Era is amazing for distillates. Very smooth and excellent vapor volume. Cartridges are a little expensive, but worth it.

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