The Puffco PEAK PRO (Concentrate Vaporizer)

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The Puffco Peak Pro – Dab Rig (Canada)

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VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “With a 40% larger chamber than the original Puffco Peak, bigger dabs are now a breeze.  With its smart sensor embedded within the chamber, your temperature is always perfectly dialed in.  Plus with the new Oculus Carb Cap, you now get a window into the inner magic of concentrate-melting!

100% Authentic Puffco.  Built for the both the beginner and the advanced concentrate connoisseur wanting complete control and customization of their dab vaping experience, the Puffco Pro is the pinnacle in smart dab rigs.  With a 40% larger removable ceramic bowl and Bluetooth app capability, the Puffco Pro lets you manage every aspect of your device, from creating customized heat profiles to setting your temperature, time and even the LED color, with its 4 different light patterns: Pulse, Wave, Disco and Stealth mode.

Featuring wireless charging capability, the Puffco Peak Pro can also fast-charge in 2 hours with its modern USB-C wired connection.  The battery life is impressive, as well, built to last and rated for 30 sessions of average use before needing a recharge.

Works with all types of cannabis concentrates: Oil, Wax, Shatter, Distillates, Rosin, Live Resin, etc.

Most important, the Puffco Peak Pro is easy-to-use and fully intuitive.   Just load it, double click, and hit it (after waiting for the haptic buzz that lets you know it’s heated and ready – usually 30 seconds of heat up time).

This 100% Authentic Puffco PEAK PRO comes with:

1x – Puffco Peak Pro Device
1x – Set of Cleaning Swabs
1x – Loading Tool
1x – Carb Cap
1x – Extra Ceramic Bowl
1x – USB-C Cable
1x – Carrying Case



How to Use Puffco Peak Pro (Video)

100% Guaranteed Authentic Puffco PEAK PRO
Canadian Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 7″ x 2.75″
Weight: 680g
Temperature Range: 232°C/450°F – 315°C/600°
Heating Time: 
Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Silicone
Features: Auto-Sleep Function, Water Filtration System, 4 User Heat Settings, Intelligent Temperature Calibration, Session Mode, Haptic Feedback, Removable Ceramic Bowl


Additional information

Weight .68 kg
Cannabis Type

Concentrates (Wax, Distillates, Shatter)


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