Arizer Solo 2

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Arizer Solo 2 (Canada)

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*** VAPEVINE VERDICT: A classic in the portable vape world just got an upgrade and it’s living up to the hype! With a long lasting battery and a clean flavorful hit every time, who wouldn’t enjoy this staple of high end vaporizers?!*** 

100% Authentic Arizer Solo 2. This portable vape has improved upon its predecessor with better battery life, faster heat up, more flavor, improved airflow, and a new bright display for easy to read controls! The battery has been made to be 3x faster at charging, only taking around 3 hours to fully charge. Assuming you don’t use it while it’s charging, which is an option you will have with this! It has a great temperature range with 50-220 Degrees Celsius, which is more than enough for any vaporizing needs. The temperature can be changed either by 1 or 10 degrees at a time. And depending on if you have the beep setting on or not, the device will alert you with a beep sound when it has heated up to your desired temperature. But if you don’t like all the noise you can easily turn this feature off. Other features include an automatic power off for when you haven’t used the device for awhile, it will turn off on its own to prevent wasting battery life. Also you can change the screens brightness between low, medium and high. As well they include 2 boro-silicate glass tubes, 90 mm and 110 mm in length, for a cleaner hit everything you put your mouth to the glass and inhale.

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This 100% Guaranteed Authentic Arizer Solo 2 includes:

1x – Solo 2
1x- Warranty Card
1x– Charger
1x– Glass tube ( 90 mm)
1x– Glass tube ( 110 mm)
1x– Belt Chip
2x– Silicone Stem Caps
1x– Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
1x–  Glass Dish
4x – Steel Screens
1x – Aromatic Botanicals
1x – User Manual

Comes in: Black and Blue




100% Guaranteed Authentic Arizer Solo 2 in Canada

Canadian Specs:

  • Temperature Range: 50-220 Celsius or 122- 428 Fahrenheit
  • Bright LED Display
  • Brightness Options: Low, Medium, High
  • Automatic Turn Off
  • Power-On Delay
  • Sound Options

Additional information

Weight .20 kg



Cannabis Type

Dry Herb


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