KandyPen Galaxy – Herbal Concentrate Pen

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KandyPen Galaxy Portable Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer (Canada)

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The Galaxy by KandyPen was Awarded “Best Vaporizer” by High Times Magazine for 2016, as well as “Best Vape Pen 2015” by The Vape Critic. Ultra-compact & lightweight, easy one button operation. Extremely easy maintenance and cleaning. The Galaxy by KandyPens feature a high quality quartz and titanium heating element, a super convienent travel case, and a high quality rechargeable lithium battery, with a Lifetime Warranty!  The KandyPen Galaxy has a sexy, sleek design that uses 24 Karat gold plating, and various colours to choose from!

The Galaxy by KandyPens utilizes an ingenious Quartz crystal-lined chamber with two quartz rods near the bottom, wrapped with dual titanium coils. The first advantage of the quartz rods is unlike ceramic or fiber wicks, it doesn’t really absorb your concentrate, so the rods don’t turn dark or get that burnt look/taste. However, the major advantage to the quartz is the taste. This material in vape pens tends to produce purer-tasting vapor, even when you take very big draws. The Galaxy pen is one of the best in the industry at keeping the vapor smooth and comfortable, even when you take huge rips.  Internally and externally, the Galaxy by KandyPens screams quality. The finish, threads and coil internals are what you’d expect from a high-end vaporizer pen, at an affordable price. The Galaxy Pen heats up fast, features 3 variable temperature settings along with an optimized heating system. This combined with the Galaxy’s quality components and high manufacturing standards ensure the smoothest vapor and best flavors without the heat and harshness often found in other products. A wide range of parts and accessories lets you customize and protect your KandyPen Galaxy so you can be prepared for any situation!

The Galaxy by KandyPens really shines in Vapor Production and Taste. The glass rods; instead of a normal cotton/silica or ceramic wick also vastly increases the longevity of the coil life. The Galaxy surpasses other comparable concentrate vaporizers in Vapor Production. The Titanium coil ensures instant heat, and the quartz allows the concentrate to heat evenly, and wont burn out as easily other atomizers.

Temperature Controlled Battery Settings:

  • Level 1 – Low (Red Light) ~ 350°F
  • Level 2 – Medium (Green Light) ~ 390°F
  • Level 3 – High (Blue Light) ~ 430°F


This 100% Authentic KandyPen Galaxy Concentrate Vaporizer Kit comes with:

  • 1x – Galaxy Battery Unit (With Lifetime Warranty)
  • 1x – USB Charger / Power Adapter
  • 1x – Quartz Coil Unit
  • 1x – Galaxy Mouthpiece Attachment
  • 1x – Folding Galaxy Storage Case
  • 1x – Stainless Steel Cleaning/Loading pick

Comes in: Rubberized Black/Gold, Glossy Black/Gold, Sparkle Black/Gold, White/Gold, Purple/Gold, Turquoise/Gold, Red/Gold

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