Official Support Group Launched!

Windsor Vape Society - Support Group

Guidance for Beginners, Drippers and Everyone in Between

Got a product question?   Need a few tips?  Looking for a review?  Wanna show off your gear?   Join the “cloud crowd” at our official support & social group: Windsor Vape Society!   It’s a fun and friendly space where many minds converge to help, entertain and educate.

The vaping community was built on the principles of mentorship and unselfish co-operation, so if you have some knowledge to share or are a beginner just looking for more information before you take the plunge, please join the group.  Don’t vape alone, be a part of a Canada-wide network and let’s all work together for our common cause!

One reply on “Official Support Group Launched!

  • Cheryl Skingley

    Why have you changed the formula for the Aromatic pods. I absolutely hate the new blend and hope you will still carry the old version.


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