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STLTH 5K – Disposable Vape


5K Disposables by STLTH

Priced in Canadian Dollars (CDN)

*** VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “The closed-pod king of Canada, STLTH, is now taking it to next level of convenience with their first DISPOSABLE VAPE release! The STLTH 5K is an awesome hand-held vape with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery.” ***

100% Authentic STLTH 5K. A new take on the famous STLTH device STLTH 5K takes disposable vapes to the next levelSTLTH 5K is pre-filled with 10ml of delicious e-liquid. This compact box disposable is equipped with a rechargeable 600mAh battery. The STLTH 5K delivers up to 5000 puffs and comes in 15 incredible flavours! The perfectly portable STLTH 5K is beyond impressive.


Ice Mint: Mixed mints with a icy fresh menthol finish.

Strawnana Ice:  Your favourite strawberry banana smoothie with a nice cooling finish.

Ice Energy:  Energy drink with a icy exhale.

Blue Lemon Ice: STLTH’s take on iced cold lemonade blended with tart blue raspberry, zesty lemons and chilled to perfection.

Tobacco: A perfectly balanced tobacco.

Route:  A carbonated vanilla with wintergreen and a touch of ginger for a taste you’ll recognize.

Orange Peach Ice:   Sweet and citrusy with a nice minty endnote.

Mango Aloe Ice:   Tangy mango with subtle aloe and a cooling finish.

Mint:  A sweet spearmint with just the right amount of minty freshness.

Strawberry Ice:  Sweet and vivid strawberry on the rocks.

Grape Ice:  Concentrated wild grapes with a touch of ice.

Quad Berry:  A sweet and sour mash of 4 of your favorite red and purple berries.

Apple Kiwi Melon Ice:  Crisp green apple combined with delicious kiwi and juicy green melon complete with an icy exhale.

Classic Ice: A flavour that will satisfy any sweet tooth. STLTH perfectly replicated your favourite fizzy cola served in a frosted glass.

Blueberry Raspberry: A basket of freshly picked blueberries with a raspberry twist. A berry-blend that never gets old!

Comes in: 1XSTLTH 5K Disposable Vape (10ml) 


Health Canada Toxic Label Requirement for Nicotine Vaping Products

Vaping liquids containing between 10 mg/g and less than 66 mg/g nicotine meet the classification of “toxic” under the CCCR, 2001.

**WARNING: CONTAINS NICOTINE** Nicotine is an addictive and toxic substance, and the inhalation of propylene glycol is a known irritant. Use of nicotine during pregnancy may harm the fetus. Read about some of the risks of electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine in our Terms, Conditions & Waiver of Claims page. Also, please visit the Health Canada website for further information about Nicotine and Addiction.  CONTENTS HARMFUL. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.



STLTH 5K (5000 Puff) Disposable Vapes in Canada

Estimated Puffs: 5000
Pre-filled Capacity: 10ml
Nic Salt Levels: 20mg
Battery: 600mAh – Rechargeable
Firing Mechanism: Draw-Activated
Flavours: 15 flavours
Features: Up to 5000 puffs, Rechargeable Battery, Flavour Consistency, Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Mouthpiece

Additional information

Weight .08 kg

Nicotine Salt Strength

1.8% (20mg)


Apple Kiwi Melon Ice, Blue Lemon Ice, Classic Ice, Flavourless, Grape Ice, Green Apple Ice, Lemon Mint, Strawberry Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Ice Energy, Ice Mint, Mango Aloe Ice, Mint, Orange Peach Ice, Quad Berry Ice, Raspberry Ice, Route, Strawnana Ice, Tobacco


1 Disposable, 10ml

Flavour Profile Category

Fruit Flavours

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