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GHOST MAX Disposable (2000 Puffs)

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GHOST MAX Disposable Vape Pens (20mg & Bold 50)

Priced in Canadian Dollars (CDN)

100% Authentic GHOST Disposables.   Following in the successful footsteps of their other disposable vape pens such as the 800 puff GHOST XL GHOST VAPE has now taken it to the MAX with these pre-filled vapes in 16 irresistible flavours.  Featuring a massive 6ml of pre-filled juicethat’s approximately 2000 puffs – the Ghost MAX lets you enjoy the heavenly convenience of no refills, no coil swaps, no mess and no stress in a lightweight, sleek little unit. Now featuring brilliant adjustable airflow for billowing, room-filling clouds or something a little more low-key. It’s totally up to you.

Each MAX Pen comes with an impressive 1050mAh battery (GHOST‘s largest yet), so there’s no need to fret about a quick-dying device. What’s more, you don’t need to sacrifice potency for ease; GHOST disposables are available in 2% (20mg/ml) salt based nicotine by weight or Bold 50 (hybrid).

What is Bold 50? >> Read more about it here.
> Bold 35 and Bold 50 are unique hybrid nicotine blends (made with salt nic & freebase nic) that have been specially formulated to provide a harsher, more peppery throat hit similar to higher nicotine juices while still remaining within the federally mandated 20mg/ml nicotine cap.

Blue Razz | Pineapple Coconut | Blizzard | Strawberry Banana | Mixed Berries | Pink Lemon | Blue Lemon | Hyper (Energy Drink) | OMG (Orange/Mango/Guava) | Classic (Cola) | Banana Ice | Strawberry Kiwi Ice | Peach Ice | Watermelon Ice | Green Apple Ice | Passionfruit Ice | Guava Ice | Razz Currant Ice  | Lemon Lime Ice | Flavourless | Orange Ice | Ludou Ice | Roots (Rootbeer) | Lychee Ice | Peach Berries | Smooth Tobacco | Apple Peach Ice | 

Ghost Max New Flavours Canada


Health Canada Toxic Label Requirement for Nicotine Vaping Products

Vaping liquids containing between 10 mg/g and less than 66 mg/g nicotine meet the classification of “toxic” under the CCCR, 2001.

**WARNING: CONTAINS NICOTINE** Nicotine is an addictive and toxic substance, and the inhalation of propylene glycol is a known irritant. Use of nicotine during pregnancy may harm the fetus. Read about some of the risks of electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine in our Terms, Conditions & Waiver of Claims page. Also, please visit the Health Canada website for further information about Nicotine and Addiction.

CONTENTS HARMFUL. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.



GHOST MAX Disposable Vape Pen Canadian Specs:

Battery: 1050mAh
Pre-Filled Capacity: 
Estimated Puffs: 2000
Nic Salt Levels: 20mg | Bold 50
Features: Adjustable Airflow | Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
Flavours: Blue Razz, Pineapple Coconut, Blizzard, Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berries, Pink Lemon, Blue Lemon, Hyper, OMG (Orange/Mango/Guava), Classic (Cola), Banana Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Peach Ice, Watermelon Ice, Green Apple Ice, Passionfruit Ice,  Guava Ice, Razz Currant Ice, Lemon Lime Ice, Apple Peach Ice, Ludou Ice, Lychee Ice, Orange Ice, Flavourless, Roots (Rootbeer), Peach Berries, Smooth Tobacco.


Additional information

Weight .048 kg

Nicotine Salt Strength

Bold 50, 20mg


Apple Peach Ice, Banana Ice, Blizzard, Blue Lemon, Blue Razz, Classic, Flavourless, Green Apple Ice, Guava Ice, Hyper, Lemon Lime Ice, Ludou Ice, Lychee Ice, O.M.G., Orange Ice, Passionfruit Ice, Peach Berries, Peach Ice, Pink Lemon, Razz Currant Ice, Roots, Smooth Tobacco, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Watermelon Ice, Mixed Berries, Pineapple Coconut


MAX (6ml)

3 reviews for GHOST MAX Disposable (2000 Puffs)

  1. VapeVine Staff

    These disposable vapes are truly a great value for your money. Some of the best flavours on the Canadian market and the Ghost Max vape pens seem to last longer than any of the higher puff count disposables we’ve tried.

  2. Quentin Ng (verified owner)

    Good flavors and nice to have a high puff count

  3. Gina

    I like the flavour and good puffs. But battery dies before juice is done. It lasted me about half of the puffs it claims to have.

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