Samsung 25R 18650 (Canada) – 2500mAh Green Wrap

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Authentic Samsung 25R (Green) 2500mAh

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This rechargeable 18650 battery from Samsung is the newer, green 25R5 which has a better cycle life than the blue wrap Samsungs.  The Samsung 25R has an outstanding reputation for consistent, safe performance.  A true 20A continuous discharge current (CDR) cell, this battery combines both excellent capacity and moderate maximum temperatures.  For regulated mods requiring high-drain batteries, the flat-top Samsung 25R is a 20A and should never be forced above 20A.  Please read our primer page on understanding battery nomenclature, storage and safety precautions.

Samsung 25R Green Wrap Test Results

Samsung 25R test resultsFROM MOOCH:  “…moderate maximum temperature of 77°C at 20A.  Five additional cycles at 20A showed less than 1% loss in capacity and almost no voltage sag. A 10A discharge done after this showed a 1.2% loss in capacity. This is typical damage for a cell operating at its CDR.  While operating any cell at its rated maximum current causes damage to the cell, I would expect decent cycle life from the green wrap 25R5 at 20A. A discharge at 25A brought the cell temperature to 91°C and dropped the voltage considerably. That’s too hot and will significantly speed up the damage done to the cell. This is a 20A cell.” 

Samsung 25R 18650 CanadaThis One Authentic Samsung 18650 25R R5 2500mAh (Green Wrap) High Drain Flat Top Battery:

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Samsung INR18650-25R R5 2500mAh (Green Wrap) High Discharge FLAT Top (CANADA)


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