‘Vaping-Related’ Deaths. Fake News?

The Truth About Vaping Related Deaths & Illnesses?

Hurry. Put down your vape.

It will most certainly kill you, very very soon.

Didn’t you hear there is a nationwide OUTBREAK of disease?

Now’s there’s a powerful, cleverly chosen word. OUTBREAK!

Scary, even.

Sounds like a virus. And those can spread rapidly, you know.

Better stop it in its tracks.   Do we have a vaccine?

Yes, it’s called legislation.  

Ban it, dammit!  That seems to be their end-game.

So, like I said, put down your vape nice and slowly, and come out with your hands up.

This is the current HYSTERIA campaign being waged against vaping. Every headline reads: VAPING-RELATED ILLNESSES & DEATHS!”

Forget the fact that the media could have just as easily characterized the headlines as “THC-RELATED ILLNESSES & DEATHS”, since almost all reported cases have involved some sort of cannabis product.

But hey, Marijuana is Big Business now. Legal, baby! That’s State Tax revenue! So, let’s not cause undue panic and scare people away from these legal dispensaries. That’s bad business, dude.

And let’s definitely not hold accountable ANY cannabis companies for failing to disclose ingredients or neglecting to give customers proper directions for usage of their THC OIL tinctures.

It is, unfortunately, still not common knowledge that MCT, coconut-oil and sunflower-oil based THC and CBD oils are FOR SUBLINGUAL INJESTION ONLY. That means you can only put a few drops under your tongue.

No, you can’t dip, or dab or even drip them onto a coil. They are not meant to be inhaled.

Yet, we regularly get people coming into the VAPEVINE store with their oils from Aphria asking which device they can use to vape these oils. Aphria oil

Wait, what? Didn’t Aphria tell you that you absolutely cannot vape oils?

Didn’t they put in their product mongraph in big bold print something to the effect of:


And if they didn’t give you this direction…why not?

For this is exactly the kind of new product education that is needed and should be mandatory on all packaging.

You see, the average customer who walks into a vape shop assumes that the nicotine vaping eliquid or ejuice we sell must be “some kind of oil”.

It isn’t.

They assume that since it’s thick, viscous and kinda yellow…well, it quacks like oil, so, it must be an oil.


The ejuice used in e-cigarettes and vapes is vegetable glycerin based. Glycerol is a sugar alcohol, not a fat or lipid.

And the flavourings used in eliquids are propylene-glycol based, not oil-based.

By comparison, some of the THC culprit products that have recently been associated with these ‘supposedly sudden’ lung illnesses have used oils like Vitamin E acetate as thickening agents, as well as, other oil-based flavorings.

There are also numerous cases of reported illness where the THC oils used were illicitly obtained on the black market, with god-knows-what in them.

And, as you now know, oils should NEVER be vaped, smoke or inhaled.

But if an unwitting customer did just that – vaped THC oil that he probably should have ingested – do you now blame and ban the hardware, the e-cigarette, the vaporizer?

Do we ban syringes because people use illicit, contaminated heroin?

There is little evidence that conventional e-cigarettes are the problem here.

But the media and government agencies are quickly jumping to their throw out the baby with the bathwater conclusion, by trying to lump all flavoured vaping devices and products in the same dirty tub.

Sure, THC vapes and nicotine ejuice vapes are cousins, but they are not blood- related.

If your cousin-by-marriage commits a crime, are you at fault, too?

Look, there are an estimated 10 million vapers in the US, many of whom have been using e-cigarettes for many years.

But suddenly, and within a few weeks span, there is a “outbreak” of cases of severe, acute respiratory dysfunction linked to vaping that results in the death of 6 people?

What else do we know about these 6 people? Do we know their full medical history? Do we know if they were perfectly healthy just weeks ago?  What does linked to vaping even mean?

No one really knows yet, but, hey, let’s ban vaping anyway.

A decrease in lung function has been linked to hair spray use, too.

It’s called hair-spray lung. Look it up.

So, let’s ban hair spray while we’re at it.

Remember the old saying, never let a good ‘crisis’ go to waste.

Seems like the politicians and lobbyists are using this reported ‘crisis’ to pass immediate legislation.

Heck, Michigan just became the first state to ban all flavored ecigarettes. That was quick.

Who knew red herrings could swim so fast?

Could the Trojan horse conspiracy that Altria bought into JUUL only to kill it from the inside, be true?

Is this Who killed the electric car? all over again? 

We don’t have the answer.  And clearly we have a vested interest and a dog in this fight.  But we want you to read the news with a skeptical eye and listen to your own body rather than the ‘reports’.  It’s your life.  Enjoy it.