Joyetech eVic VT 60Watt Starter Kit, Slashed

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Prices Murdered in Gruesome Scene at VAPEVINE

“Inventory didn’t stand a chance,” witnesses say.  “They just started shooting down prices with reckless abandon.  It was horrific.”

Authentic Limitless Copper Patina Sleeves, Chopped to Bits

Prices brutally lacerated from $64.99 to a bloody $49.99!

Violent Beheading of BEARD CO.

Prices shaved from $15.99 to an absurd $9.99!

The Schwartz Line, Gashed

Prices chopped, diced and served to mice, from $22.00 to a paltry $14.99!

The Majestic Line, Stabbed

Prices pierced from $22.00 to $14.99!

120ml D'Ohnuts Prices Gouged Out the Middle

Prices punctured from $80.00 to $60.00!

aspire odyssey mini in gold color

Gold Pegasus Mini Prices, Trampled in Mad Stampede

Prices hoofed from $104.94 to a shimmering $84.94!

Stainless Steel KBOX Mini, On Life Support

The KBOX’s throat was violently cut, bringing its price down from $76.99 to a paltry $69.74!

Subox Nano's Gunned Down In Public

Nano’s prices shot down from $79.74 to a flat line of $69.74!

Bloodshed on the Snozz Berries

Prices bled out from $20.00 to a heart-stopping $14.99!

Assassination on Dotmod Friction Fit Drip Tip

Dotmod down from $29.99 to a drop dead $19.99!

Odyssey Mini Kits Maniacally Maimed

Prices dropped from $96.94 to $70.93!

Joytech eVic VTC Mini, Eviscerated

Prices skinned in public from $86.93 to $66.96!

iStick TC 60w Butchered to Death

Price slapped silly from $74.99 down to just $64.99!