XVAPE VISTA Mini Dab Rig Kit Vaporizer

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XVAPE VISTA Mini – Portable Dab Rig Kit (Canada)

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VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “Those looking for a reliable, affordable and portable device to vape their favourite dabs, concentrates, oils or wax, look no further – the XVAPE VISTA’s unique design and well-rounded performance make this one a definite winner.

100% Guaranteed Authentic XVAPE! The all-new XVAPE VISTA Mini Vaporizer.

XVAPE has the vaping community buzzing, and we can certainly see why; feast your eyes on the XVAPE Vista Mini, the very first of its kind. The little sister of the original XVAPE Vista, the Vista Mini is the perfect portable electronic dab rig for your concentrates, waxes and oils. Clocking in at an adorably lightweight 5 inches tall – a stark contrast to its massive power – the Vista Mini packs a robust 2000mAh battery, a durable ceramic coil and a host of impressive features. Its detachable glass bubbler, ceramic oven and 3 temperature settings (low/medium/high) guarantee the smoothest hits imaginable, while its colourful LED display comes to life in tandem with your sessions. Sound cozy? It is.

Effortless to clean and intuitive to navigate, the Vista Mini is incredibly user friendly. Need a charge? Two options – plug in your device the traditional way via trusty Micro-USB, or join the wave of the future with the XVAPE Vista Mini’s 100% wireless charging capabilities. Simply place it on your wireless charging pad when you’ve had enough and go about your day – until you’re (unavoidably) back for more, that is. Available in 2 elegant colours, treat yourself to the new XVAPE Vista Mini. It’s sure to be your new best friend.


This 100% Authentic XVAPE VISTA Mini Vaporizer comes with:

1x – VISTA Mini Device
1x – Vista Mini Carb Cap
1x – Stem
1x – Set of O-Rings
1x – USB Cable
1x – Concentrate Tool
1x – Glass Joint Clip
1x – Funnel

Comes in: Silver & Black

Sold out!


100% Guaranteed Authentic XVAPE VISTA Mini Vaporizer 
Canadian Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 139.4mm x 47.2mm x 47.2mm
Weight: 300g
Battery Type: Internal Rechargeable 2000mAh
Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
3 Temperature Settings:
White/Low (280°C ), Green/Medium (350°C), High/Red (400°C)
Heating Oven Capacity: 1.04ml
Features: Wireless Charging + LED Lighting + Ceramic Oven Atomizer + Detachable Glass Bubbler


Additional information



Cannabis Type

Concentrates (Wax, Distillates, Shatter)


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