VUSE Exotic Mix – ‘Aromatic Tobacco’ Pods (1.6%)


VUSE (Vype) ePod Exotic Mix (Formerly Aromatic Tobacco) Pods

VYPE is now VUSE.  New brand and packaging, but the same great flavours.  This 2-PACK of VUSE Aromatic Tobacco pods (Tabac Aromatique) gives you 1.9ml of salt nic juice in each ePod.  Flavour profile: Creamy with light caramel and vanilla aromatic notes.

Vuse ePod pods are compatible with both the VUSE ePod Device and the VYPE ePod Devices.

Free Shipping Vuse Canada50% VG / 50% PG – 1.9ml juice in each pod

Comes as 2-Pack: 1.6% nicotine by weight.


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Canadian VUSE (VYPE) ePod Pod Specs:

VG / PG Ratio: 50% : 50%
Pod Capacity: 1.9ml juice in each pod (275 puffs)
Nicotine strengths: VUSE ePod pods offered in 0% (0mg), 1.6% (18mg) nicotine by weight.

VUSE products may be harmful to health and contain nicotine which is addictive.  Keep Vuse products out of reach of children.

Additional information

Nicotine Salt Strength

1.6% (18mg)

Flavour Profile Category

Tobacco Flavours


Aromatic Tobacco


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