VIVANT DABOX Herbal Wax Concentrate Vaporizer

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VIVANT DABOX Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer (CANADA)

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***VAPEVINE VERDICT: “A new solid, well-built Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer with a super comfortable hand feel, and a powerful output for the hit you crave! ”  

The new DABOX Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer by VIVANT is the perfect stealth concentrate vaping device. A simple yet powerful vaporizer that takes the fuss out of vaping, making for an affordable, well-built device that is small and sleek!

The DABOX by VIVANT uses an instantaneous fire button heating system that makes vaping both full sessions and occasional use possible.  It comes with a dual quartz clapton coil installed, and an included dual quartz coil, both with herbal concentrate reservoirs capable of holding 0.05 to 0.20 grams of concentrate. The DABOX provides an instant and intense hit using a constant 40 watts of power on a full charge. The DABOX will keep you vaping for hours with its 1500mAh battery, and conserves power by only heating up when the fire button is pressed. The DABOX can go from dead battery to full charge in about an hour, using its 2 Amp charging rate. The DABOX also stays cool under fire with its glass vapor chamber, designed to accept and diffuse heat from the coil, while keeping vapor dense and flavourful. The flip door uses a magnetic assembly that can easily be opened with one hand, and allows for convenient and discreet loading of concentrate.

VIVANT DABOX Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer Canadian Review


  • Discreet design for stealthy vaping
  • Powerful yet smooth hit
  • Smooth air flow
  • Instant Chamber Heat Up
  • Heat diffusion design to keep vapor cool
  • Solidly built device with an comfortable hand feel
  • Unparalleled battery conservation

This 100% Authentic VIVANT DABOX Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer Kit includes:

1x – Vivant DABOX Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer
1x – Dual Quartz Coil Head
1x – Dual Quartz Clapton Coil Head
1x – Glass Scoop Tool
1x – USB Quick Charge Cable
1x – Quick Start Guide

Comes in:  Black, Gunmetal Grey, Glacier Blue



Canadian Product Specifications:

VIVANT DABOX Herbal Vaporizer (CANADA)

Dimensions:  65mm x 49mm x 22mm
Weight: 185 grams
Power Capabilities: 40 Watts
Heat Time: Instantaneous Fire Button Heating
Heating Element: Dual Clapton Quartz Coil, Dual Quartz Coil
Battery: 1500MAH with 2 amp Micro USB quick charging
Battery Charge Time: 1 hour to full charge



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Weight .34 kg

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