TRITION Fidget Spinner V1.2 (VC EDC)

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Triton Spinner V1.2 – Authentic VC EDC (Canada)

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VC Technologies takes the famous Triton Spinner to the next level with the introduction of the Triton Spinner V1.2!

Featuring the VC Capsule technology with a hybrid ceramic 606 bearing, the Triton Spinner V1.2 is not only one of the smoothest spinners on the market but also one of the easiest to dissemble.

Removal of the bearing requires almost no effort with a threaded lid that allows you to simply pop the bearing out by hand without any tools.

Weighing 76 grams and having a 55mm width, The Triton Spinner V1.2 with a solid copper button is a fidgeter’s dream.

Achieve near perpetual motion in Stainless Steel, Satin Copper or a Polished Brass finish.

100% Authentic VC Technologies Triton Spinner V1.2


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Authentic Triton Spinner v1.2 (VC EDC) in Canada


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