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Pulsar ROK – Electric Dab / Oil Rig Vaporizer

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Pulsar RoK Dab Rig (Canada)

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VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “New dual purpose dab unit that can handle both oil and dry herb.  Produces a very dense and favourful vape with its coil-less quartz atomizer cup.  Also includes a ceramic cup atomizer for flower.   Well-built, sturdy unit with unique glass bubbler on the bottom design.”

100% Guaranteed Authentic Pulsar!   The Pulsar Rok Electric Oil Rig Vaporizer turns the dab e-rig world UPSIDE DOWN…literally!  Featuring an all-metal body and a boro glass-bubbler and percolated downstem on the bottom of the device, the Pulsar RoK ‘s unique isolated airpath design contributes to an extremely pure, smooth and efficient hit with almost no waste material.

Choose from either hold-to-hit trigger heating or use Pulsar’s innovative hands-free RoK mode session, which keeps the vape automatically heated for 30 seconds and is great for sharing and passing around.    No matter which method you use, you are pretty much guaranteed a thick and flavorful, full-terpene vapour cloud everytime.

Features at glance:

  • 3 Temperature Settings: Green (900°F / 482°C ), Blue (950°F / 510°C), Red (1000°F / 538° C)
  • 2-3 Hours to Fully Recharge
  • Useable While Charging (passthrough)
  • 5 Click On / Off
  • 15-25 Sessions per Charge

This 100% Authentic Pulsar RoK Vaporizer comes with:

1x – Dabber Tool
2x – Wire Brushes
1x – Wax Carb Cap
1x – Coil-less Quartz Cup
1x – Coil-less Ceramic Cup
2x – Silicone Collars
1x – USB Charging Cable
4x – Crud Bud Alcohol-filled Cotton Buds

1 Year Limited Warranty with Manufacturer

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100% Guaranteed Authentic Pulsar RoK Dab Rig (Canada)
Canadian Product Specifications:

Height: 6.75″ (17.15 cm)
3 Temperature Settings:
Green (900°F / 482°C ), Blue (950°F / 510°C), Red (1000°F / 538° C)


Additional information


Cannabis Type

Concentrates (Wax, Distillates, Shatter)

1 review for Pulsar ROK – Electric Dab / Oil Rig Vaporizer

  1. DabAllDay

    This thing is the perfect size. Not too small but not too big. It’s is very solid and has good craftsmanship. Feels like it will last longer than the 1 year warranty. I couldn’t decide between this dab erig or the Oura, but chose this RoK unit because I couldn’t justify spending more.

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