Noisy Cricket 2 (II-25) by WISMEC / Jaybo


Noisy Cricket 2 (II-D25)  – Canada

Priced in Canadian dollars (CDN).

Behold the Noisy Cricket 2 D25 semi-regulated interchangeable series and Parallel box mod!  This device is a super hobbyist friendly mod with an incredibly economical price tag. No more must one worry about denting battery tops and fiddling with hybrid connections with the atomizer accommodating spring loaded brass 510 pin.

Multiple Circuit Protection Systems

This device is absolutely loaded to the gills with special features to protect the user. The Noisy Cricket 2 D25 actively senses when your batteries reach low voltage and shuts off to prevent damage to the batteries internal chemistry. It includes Short Circuit Protection as well as Built-in Atomizer Protection so if anything is amiss it simply will not fire.

Inside the battery compartment there are 2 Plastic Sleeves to accommodate for battery rattle. Newly added venting holes provide an extra layer of protection.

Optional Circuit in Series and Parallel

Do you want one compact device that can run in series and parallel? Well this is it. Choose from either regulated or direct discharge series and unregulated parallel functions with an ingeniously designed battery door insert. When running in regulated series mode the user can tune their experience to vape anywhere between 2v-6v or choose the unregulated mode to discharge a whopping 8.4v to the atomizer, by flipping the battery door insert the user can convert their device into a parallel mech mod with twice the battery life. By checking the scratch and authenticate sticker included on every Noisy Cricket 2 D25 package you can rest easy and be certain that your device is 100% authentic and made from the best materials. Now a day the crickets don’t chirp, they blow clouds!

NOTE: This device is an ADVANCED USER ITEM as is intended to be used with a re-buildable atomizer and is not suitable for sub-tank style atomizers.  Always use ohms law when determining which type of battery to use in the device based on the amp limit of the battery.  A high-drain 30A battery is suggested for use in the Noisy Cricket 2 D25.  Always make sure that your battery wraps are uncompromised before use in any electronic device. Never use a coil that reads below .3 ohms in the series settings of this device and always use an ohm reader as opposed to the read out of a regulated device for the most accurate resistance readings. For more information about RDA’s and mech mods, please consult our Battery Safety Precautions and VAPEVINE.CA Terms Conditions & Waiver of Claims

This 100% Authentic WISMEC Jaybo Noisy Cricket II D25 comes with:

  • 1x – Noisy Cricket II-25
  • 1x – Warning Card
  • 1x – User Guide

Comes in: Stainless Steel

Requires 2X 18650 Lithium Batteries of same brand (Not Included):

For safer charging, an external charger is also highly recommended.  Remember to always marry your batteries.

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Noisy Cricket II 25 Canada by Wismec Jaybo:

Adjustable Voltage Range: 0 – 8.4v
Battery Type: Dual 18650 (>25A)
Thread: 510 spring loaded
Dimensions: 48mm by 25mm by 87mm

This 100% Authentic WISMEC Jaybo Noisy Cricket II 25 comes with:

  • 1x – Noisy Cricket II-25
  • 1x – Warning Card
  • 1x – User Guide



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