NicSticks – Nicotine Infused Toothpicks! (20 piece)


Nicotine Infused Toothpicks – NicSticks (Canada)

Priced in Canadian dollars (CDN)

*** VAPEVINE VERDICT:  “The most discrete way to consume nicotine. NicSticks really are ingeniously convenient.  Reviews Ratings VapeVine” ***

Have you ever experienced going without nicotine? Maybe you forgot your vape. Or maybe you’re in an area where vaping isn’t permitted. Do you work in the office? Say “Hi” to Jim for us, and don’t you dare acknowledge Andy. But before you do that, pick up these NicSticksNicSticks are a game changer, they are nicotine infused toothpicks. There are no second hand emissions. The nicotine is transmitted through absorption in your saliva. And every single NicStick tube comes with 20 individual toothpicks that are infused with 3mg of nicotine each! Nicsticks use the same delivery method as nicotine infused gum, but without the hassle of excessive jaw pain or having to commit the cardinal sin of not sharing gum with your peers. Yep, no peer pressure either. Nicsticks were designed for discrete and legal nicotine consumption in airports, hospitals, events, restaurants and bars. That’s right! You can go out to a bar and not have to stand outside with smokers. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories. Zero Problems. 

NicSticks are available in two different flavours: 

  1. Fire & Ice: Fire cinnamon with a hint of mint that will leave you feeling special.
  2. Cool Mint: A refreshing mint flavour that will invigorate you.
Each 100% Guaranteed Authentic NicStick purchase includes:

20x – Individual 3mg nicotine-infused toothpicks of your selected flavour.

Sold out!


100% Guaranteed Authentic NICSTICKS:

NicSticks Package Canadian Specs:

  • Quantity: 20 Pieces per Package/Tube
  • Nicotine per Toothpick/Unit: 3mg of Nicotine
  • Flavours:  Fire & Ice, Cool Mint

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Cool Mint, Fire & Ice


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