Samurai Japanese Organic Cotton (Koh Gen Do)

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Japanese Organic Cotton (Koh Gen Do) by Samurai

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100% Japanese Organic Cotton (Koh Gen Do) made specifically for vaping.  Premium cotton for the dripping connoisseur who demands the very best in long-lasting, consistent flavour.  Unbleached, pesticide-free and lab-tested, Samurai Cotton pads are pattern threaded for 30% more absorption than regular organic cotton.  Samurai Cotton also wicks faster and stay wetter for longer so you’ll never experience a nasty dry cotton hit.

3 large, thick Koh Gen Do pads of Samurai Cotton are equivalent to 6 mini pads and can easily be used for up to 10-15 builds or 100ml of juice without a cotton change!

Think all wicks are basically the same?  Think again:

Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks VS Everything Else


This Authentic Samurai Japanese Organic Cotton Packs comes with:

  • 3x – Large Koh Gen Do


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Canadian Product Specifications:

Samurai Japanese Organic Cotton in Canada



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