GOON LP RDA by 528 Customs – Canada


GOON LP RDA by 528 Customs (Canada)

Priced in Canadian dollars (CDN)

***2017’s most anticipated RDA!  The new GOON LP RDA is more than just the ‘low profile’ cousin of the original Goon, it is an all-new atomizer with probably the best build deck we’ve ever seen! *** 

The GOON is back from 528 Customs, but this time has shed some height to give us the GOON LP (Low Profile).  This successor to the massively popular GOON RDA (2016’s RDA of the Year), is definitely on point and is likely to win a slew of 2017 awards.

Building off of the beautiful styling of the original, the GOON LP is another simple yet elegant design, scaled down in size to send flavour production through the roof!

Featuring many new and unique features that effectively refine its functionality and durability, the GOON LP RDA is the evolution of Squonk Friendly Clamp Style RDA’s.   It’s innovative vertically clamping post style will provide you with unlimited build possibilities.

Fat or Thinner Builds? Use the inside of the clamps, or stagger your coils! Complex, intricate or thick builds? Use the whole width of the clamp posts! 528 Customs has been on the mark with ever new revolutionary RDA that they produce, and and this LP is no exception as it continues with the easy-to-build, versatile deck, tradition.

The new clean look of the GOON LP is not only aesthetically pleasing but can still handle the heat, with more than sufficient airflow to stay cool under high power.  If flavour chasing is your game, dial down the airflow to provide spot on flavour from this versatile 24mm RDA.

One-upping the Original Goon RDA, the new GOON LP comes with an included squonking pin, an ULTEM cap, and a wide bore ULTEM Drip Tip pre-installed that is known for its unmatched heat dissipation.

All GOON LP’s are individually serialized.

 The GOON LP RDA Canada Video Review

100% Authentic.

*NOTE* Rebuildable Atomizers are for Advanced Users Only!  Read our Terms, Conditions & Waiver of Claims. Improper use can result in fire or explosion.  Buyer Beware and Use at Your Own risk.   Never build below 0.1 ohm resistance.  Check all batteries and components for damage before using.  Please take these battery safety precautions.


  • Exceptional Flavour Production and Maintanance
  • The First Ultra-Versatile Post Design of its kind
  • Stock ULTEM Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Stock ULTEM Airflow Cap
  • Exceptional Fit and Finish that 528 Customs is known for
  • Phillips Head Screws, with a nice Flush look
  • Easy-Drip Atomizer Design
  • Ultra Low Profile Design
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • Extra Screws and O-Rings

Comes in: Black, Stainless Steel or Gold


Sold out!

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Canadian Specs:

This 100% Guaranteed Authentic GOON LP RDA comes with:

1x – Ultem Cap
1x – Squonking Hollow 510 Pin
Spare Parts and O-Rings

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