Efest 18650 Battery 35A Purple 3000mah – Flat top (IMR)

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Efest IMR 18650 35A 3000 mAh (Canada)

Priced in Canadian dollars (CDN).

**** These are the replacements for the older 2800 mAh Version ****

Newest (2015-2016) Efest Purple 18650 with longer lasting 3000 mAh battery capacity.   High-drain.  Flat Top.  Unprotected Bottom.  Rechargeable.  IMR 18650 Li-Mn Battery.  35A Max Discharge.

Safe chemistry Li-Mn (Lithium manganese).   Not sure what all of these letters and numbers mean?  Read our primer: Click here for more information on how to properly read a battery.

CE & ROHS Certified.

Warning: For use with regulated tube-style mods and box mods requiring higher amps.  Check your tank and device to ensure compatibility.

Staff TipVAPEVINE STAFF TIP: Don’t forget your charger!

Can be safely recharged with Nitecore D2 Digicharger or Nitecore D4 Digicharger

Priced per one battery.




Canadian Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Top: Flat top
  • Bottom: Non-protected
  • Max Discharge Current: 35A
  • Maximum Pulse Discharging Current: 80A
  • Temperature Range: -20~+60 ºC
  • Monthly Self-discharge Rate: ≤ 0.5%
  • Temperature range: Discharge: -20~+60 ºC, Charge: 0~45 ºC


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