AWT IMR 26650 Battery 4500mah 75A (3.7V) – Flat Top

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AWT IMR 26650 4500mAh 75A Battery

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Note that while the 75A rating is preposterous, this is actually a very good 25A continuous cell, with a 30A Max Vaping Amp rating.  In fact, this is one of the TOP RATED 26650 high-drain rechargeable lithium cells, as reviewed and tested by the famous Mooch!

26650 Safety Grades and Pulse Performance Data.

Flat Top.  Unprotected Lithium-Ion cell.  Rechargeable.  IMR 26650 battery with Li-Mn Chemistry.  Powerful 30A Max Discharge, with long-life 4500mAh capacity.

Safer chemistry Li-Mn (Lithium manganese).   Not sure what all of these letters and numbers mean?  Read our primer: Click here for more information on how to properly read a battery.

CE & ROHS Certified.

Lithium-Ion Battery Warnings:
-Do not overdischarge/overcharge
-Recharge drained batteries quickly
-Do not short circuit
-Do not dispose of in or expose to fire
-Do not expose to extreme cold, heat or water
-Please become familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase

This 100% Authentic AWT IMR 26650 4500mAh Battery Comes with:

1x – AWT IMR 26650 Battery – 4500mAh 75A (Actually rated for 25A CDR)

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Canadian Product Specifications:

Diameter: 26mm
Non-protected Lithium
Max Discharge Current:
Nominal Voltage:
Full Charge Voltage:
4.2V +/- 0.05V



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