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Steam Crave Aromamizer SC200 RDTA (Canada)

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The Aromamizer SC200 RDTA is Steam Crave’s answer to the need for the ‘vaping experience’ of a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, combined with the convenience and simplicity of a tank.  Featuring Side Airflow and Bottom Juiceflow, this is an RDTA that wicks exactly like it’s supposed to!  A revolution in the RDTA market, the Aromamizer comes with a huge 6ml juice capacity, giving the SC200 the longevity a dripper dreams about.

The newest release of the Aromamizer SC200 comes with the king of build decks: The Velocity Deck.
This 2 post, 4 post hole design is a breeze to build on, for builders of all levels. The Velocity deck is easily removable from the body of the RDTA, making the deck easily accessible.

There are no secret techniques when it comes to wicking the Aromamizer SC200.  Two Juiceflow holes at the bottom of the build deck allow for no shortage of juice access to the cotton, no matter the VG/PG levels you throw at it, this design just works.

What really sets this RDTA apart from its competition is not only the true Velocity Deck, but the four 3mm airflow holes give the airflow of an RDA, without the need to drip after every few pulls.

The build quality of this RDTA is impressive for its price tag. The threads and seals serve the purpose they were meant to, resulting in no noticeable leaking, whether upright, upside down or laying on its side. This RDTA stands out from the crowd for its simplistic and minimalist approach, with features that do what they were meant to, resulting in a solidly performing RDTA.


  •   Massive 6ml Juice reservoir
  •   Revolutionary Tank Overfill Design
  •   True Velocity Deck included
  •   Simplicity of a Tank with the buildability of an RDA
  •   4X 3mm Circular airflow holes
  •   Airflow gives you the feel of an RDA
  •   Removeable Airflow Control
  •   Swappable Decks for multiple vaping experiences, on the go.
  •   Anti Spitback Protection built into the Drip Tip
  •   Cotton Wicks from the bottom, which eliminates oversaturation of coils
  •   Minimal Exposed Glass for Durability

VAPEVINE Staff Review:  The Simplicity and Buildability of the velocity deck is a huge plus. The functionality of this RDTA was what blew us away.  “No Dry Hits” from an RDTA seemed like a mere marketing scheme, until we experienced it for ourselves. The Aromamizer SC200 does what it was designed to do, and in our opinion, it does it better than the competition! This truly is an RDA with a tank built around it.”

This Authentic Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave Includes:
1x – Complete Aromamizer RDTA
1x – 2 post Velocity Deck
1x – Prebuilt Coil – .3Ω Kanthal Dual Coil
1x – Spare Pyrex Glass Sleeve
1x – 4 Hole Vape Band/AFC Band
1x – 2 Hole Vape Band/AFC Band
1x – Package of Extra Grub Screws and O-Rings
1x – Allen Key for Velocity Grub Screws

Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave Video Review

Comes in: Black or Silver

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Aromamizer RDTA (Canada) by Steam Crave


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